A pioneering new way of tackling health problems in Northamptonshire is being rolled out – where social activities are prescribed instead of pills.

Northamptonshire is believed to be the first area in England to recruit the so-called “Social Prescribing Link Workers” across the county.

Dr David Smart is a GP in Northampton. He says social prescribing is a good way to develop links between the community and healthcare professionals.

“What we’re doing is developing the links between primary care and how we can link people to the assets in the community. The things that you can do, like just going for an exercise, going on a course or meditation, and just trying to help people understand how we can get people who are coming to see us with maybe psychosocial problems which we can’t deal with necessarily very well as GPs and how we can link them to where they can get better help in the community.”

For full article and Video interview with Dr Smart, please visit the link.

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