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SPRING Social Prescribers

SPRING Social Prescribers work with patients to ask the question ‘what matters to you’ rather than ‘what is the matter with you’. This is so GPs or healthcare professionals can refer patients who are experiencing social isolation, low mood, mild depression, chronic pain, physical inactivity and other long-term conditions to appropriate community-based groups and activities.

SPRING aims to take a holistic approach to addressing the needs of patients who are 18 years+, who are experiencing long-term health conditions. We review social, emotional, and practical needs by connecting individuals to local resources and services to improve their health and wellbeing.

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The role of a SPRING Social Prescriber:

  • We provide patients a mixture of telephone and face-to-face meetings in the community.
  • We link patients to groups and services, providing empowerment and motivation to help them achieve their goals.
  • We conduct reviews at 6 and 12 months to assess patient progress and identify improvements.

Length of Intervention

SPRING Social Prescribing is a long-term service, and we work with patients for up to 12 months.

Eligibility Criteria

Patients are eligible for this service if they fall within the criteria and wish to make changes:

  • If they are 18 years+
  • If they are living with one or more long-term physical health conditions
  • If they have a social need e.g., social isolation, low socio-economic background, poor mental wellbeing
  • If they are motivated to want to make changes in their life
  • If they have managed care needs
  • If they are not currently in crisis
  • If they can independently access the groups/activities that we connect them with
  • If they can work with us for between 6-12 months

Referral Route

GPs or Healthcare Professionals can refer the patients to SPRING Social Prescribers on their website.

Patients can also self-refer to the service if they think they need support.

SPRING Website
SPRING Self-Referral

Frequently Asked Questions

If the patient is not eligible, the referrer and the referee will receive an email explaining why they are not eligible and some advice on next steps as SPRING are not able to help.

If the patient needs further support than we are able to provide, SPRING will assess their situation and refer to a more appropriate service.

You will receive an email from our Administration to confirm that the referral has been received, and any further updates if required.

What is the difference between this service and the Social Prescribing Link Workers?

Social Prescribing Link Workers SPRING Social Prescribing
  • 18 years+
  • 18 years+
  • Lonely or Isolated
  • Living with one or more long term physical health conditions
  • Complex social needs which affect physical and mental wellbeing
  • Social need e.g. social isolation, low socio-economic background, low mental wellbeing
  • Motivated to want to make a change
  • Motivated to want to make a change
  • Frequently attend primary or secondary health care for non-medical issues
  • Have managed care needs
  • They experience low mood and anxiety *Not in crisis
  • Not currently in Crisis
  • Independently able to access groups, activities, and services
  • Independently able to access groups, activities, and services
  • Willing to work with SPLWs for up to 6 months
  • Willing to work with SPRING for up to 12 months
  • Can only be referred into the service by their GP practice
  • Can self-refer from the SPRING website
  • Based in GP practices
  • Based in the community
  • Client review will take place at 3 months
  • Client review will take place at 6 and 12 months

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