What Is A Recovery College?

A Recovery College is a course of workshops that have been specifically designed and co-produced by those with lived experience; to support wellbeing, resilience and aid recovery.  The courses are co-delivered by people who have personal experience of mental health problems, usually alongside a mental health professional.

What Is Meant By ‘Co-Production’?

We use the term co-production because courses are produced collaboratively, between individuals with lived experience and clinicians, utilising their collective knowledge and experience.  This approach champions each member of the co-production team as an equal partner. Working together in this way is hugely beneficial for all involved; everyone contributes, everyone learns and the outcome is relevant, impactful and meaningful courses.

Examples Of Courses

Finding Hope Hope is one of the most important components of recovery. On this course, you will explore where you can find hope and how to sustain it for yourself or for the people that you may be supporting.
Stress & Emotional Resilience Our aim is to help you identify what strengths you have that can improve your resilience and areas where you can make positive changes, to help you manage stress.

Recovery Colleges In Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire has an extensive Recovery College network that delivers comprehensive, peer-led education and training programmes.  They aim to improve an individual’s health, wellbeing and support recovery.  They are run as a college; providing co-produced and co-delivered courses from those with lived experience.  There are a wealth of courses available from several different providers within the county.  These providers are:

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