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An overview of Personalised Care

Our Personalised Care Lead, Helen Macmillan, highlights the importance of Personalised Care and the evidence that supports it. The presentation covers six key components of Personalised Care, detailing our progress in each area and the infrastructure that has contributed to our current success. Additionally, we’ll be discussing the future of Personalised Care and how we can use our learnings to elevate it to the next level.

Lift your mood

This film details how to use the process of positive data recording. PDR comes from the school of positive psychology but also links well into CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy. Very often when we are living through difficult times our mind gets drawn to feelings of difficulty and sadness. The process described in this film can help people to actually shift their mindset to live more positive happy lives even amidst great difficulty.

The Anchor meditation

This very short meditation gives people a very quick technique to ground themselves back in the present moment. It is particularly useful for people experiencing high levels of anxiety or panic. The film instructs people to use all five senses in order to return to the present moment

The Pivoting exercise

This exercise comes from the work of a very great psychologist, Steve Hayes. This film combines movement and mindfulness to very gently guide people back into the present moment. The real value of this exercise however lies in encouraging people to meet difficulties with curiosity rather than with denial.

The BOLD film

The BOLD Exercise aims to help people make better decisions. It is a way of mindfully stopping and recognising whether the way we have been living our lives is taking us towards a human being we want to be or dragging us away from that person.

The character strength film

This film uses the evidence base gleaned from positive psychology. The film directs people to the VIA character strength survey. The film then helps people understand how they can start using those character strengths to make life easier and ultimately happier.

Mind Aikido

This film is aimed at helping people unhook fro persistent doubts, fears, worries and frustrations. The process helps people to gain a helpful sense of perspective about the emotional hooks that can erode our senseĀ of wellbeing.

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