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Collaborative Care Team | General Practice Alliance

Collaborative Care Team (CCT)

The Collaborative Care Team is not an emergency service and it takes an average of 2 weeks to receive an appointment after your referral.

CCT will usually work with you for 12 weeks, but sometimes longer if resolving complex problems.

When you grant CCT your consent for treatment, it’s with the assumption that you’ll be a willing participant in your personal care management plan.

Collaborative Care Team | General Practice Alliance

The Collaborative Care Team will not replace any other visits from medical services or adult social care provision.

CCT’s main objective is to prevent hospital admittance and enable you to live healthily in your own home, by assessing your particular needs and referring you to the appropriate services.

CCT offers a wide clinical skill set and many years of professional experience, covering physical health, mental health, substance misuse and psychosocial issues.

Every patient referred to the CCT will be seen initially by two members of the team, usually in their own home.

Working Hours

We do not provide emergency care.

Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 17:00     (Closed at weekends and bank holidays)

Appointment information and/or Referral Criteria

To access the services of the Collaborative Care Team you need to be referred by your GP. Normally they’ll ask for your consent beforehand, so that you’re aware of the referral.

  • Liaising with GPs regarding a patient’s physical and/or mental health issues.

  • Providing a clinical advocate.

  • Linking up with appropriate secondary services.

  • Safeguarding / social care.

  • Resolving medication issues.

  • Talking therapy.

  • Occupational therapy.

  • Assisting with benefit issues.

Additional information/links

We work closely with appropriate statutory and voluntary agencies within the community.

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Team Member


Sue Woodcock Psychosocial Practitioner:

  • Mental health support
  • Drug & alcohol worker
  • Social prescriber
Kim Leach CCT Support Worker:

  • Undertake assessment visits to new/re-referred patients
  • Support team with patient’s journey
Zoe Webb Senior Pharmacy Technician:

  • Medication support & advice
Tracy Williams CCT Case Coordinator:

  • Service administrator
  • First point of contact for patients

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