Self Management

Living with chronic or persistent pain can effect all areas of your life, from being able to work, to sleep, to relationships with family and friends. For many people with persistent pain, the pain has become their life.

Self- management is about utilising tools to take back control of your life. It is about looking at all aspects of your life and finding ways to make changes so you can get more from your life. As someone with persistent pain as put it: ‘self-management is about shrinking the part of your life that is about pain, and growing the other parts of your life so that pain no longer dominates’. (Credit to Live Well with Pain).

There are lots of tools available for self-management and not all of these will be suitable for all individuals.

Learning how to use the tools can take time and everyone’s experience is different.

The first step is understanding your pain and ensuring there is no underlying cause for the pain.

Once any possible causes have been ruled out and/or managed you can explore some of the resources below to manage how you experience pain and how to live your life.

Live Well with Pain and the Ten Footsteps

Live Well with Pain’ offers a wide range of resources and support to help get you started on with self-management.

The Ten Footsteps are a good starting point which have been developed by other people with persistent or chronic pain, from things they have found have helped them. More information about the Ten Footsteps can be found here.

A summary of the Ten Footsteps is available here.

NHS Choices

NHS Choices also has more information on managing chronic pain, available from here.