Services and Support Groups

Depending on the type of pain you have different help may be available to you.

Chronic Pain

If your pain has been ongoing for more than 12 weeks, there are several local and national services which are able to offer support.

Below is a directory of services and contacts that can help you manage your pain. Click below to open the relevant section.

The WELLBEING LAUNCHPAD lists hundreds of resources all across Northampton.

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Acute pain

Acute pain is likely to be caused by a short-term issue and may well get better itself with rest and medicines bought from a pharmacy. You can visit your community pharmacy for many minor injuries including migraine and back pain.

For more serious injuries you may need to visit your GP. In emergencies, for example for broken bones, you may need to visit the accident and emergency department.

If you are unsure of where to get help, you can ring 111, use 111 online or use the NHS app.

Acute pain can also be following an operation while you are healing and recovering. In this case the hospital should give you support and guidance to help you get better, minimise pain and someone to contact if your pain isn’t getting better.