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Clinical Pharmacy Service

The Clinical Pharmacy Service is made up of Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians working in your GP practice

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Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical Pharmacists are experts in medication and have undertaken many years of training to develop an in depth…

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Pharmacy Technicians

The Clinical Pharmacy Service is made up of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians working in your GP practice.

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Reviewing Your Medicines

The following Northampton GP practices are now offering structured medication reviews with a clinical pharmacist, utilising resources from the Me and My Medicines campaign:

  • Abington Medical Centre
  • Abington Park Surgery
  • Greenview Surgery
  • King Edward Road Surgery
  • Leicester Terrace Health Care Centre

A medication review is a chance to check that your medicines are the best ones for you.

Patient Invitation

Me and My Medicines is led by patients and supported by clinical staff, to help people raise concerns and use their medicines better. This will help people benefit from more effective and safer care.

Click here to learn more about the campaign.

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